Remi Lucidi Died After Falling From A Skyscraper in Hong Kong’s 68th Floor.

According to accounts, the French daredevil Remi Lucidi passed away last week after jumping from the 68th story of a skyscraper in Hong Kong.


Remi Lucidi, a daring French explorer, met with a terrible mishap on Thursday, according to a heartbreaking story reported by South China Morning Post. He was reportedly spotted asking for assistance from a window of a penthouse on the 68th floor of Hong Kong’s Tragunter Tower, which is 721 feet tall before he fell.

Remi Lucidi

The Fatal Meeting

Eyewitness reports claim that Remi Lucidi, also known as “Remi Enigma” on social media, tragically fell prior to the arrival of the authorities. Mr. Remi Lucidi was seen by a housemaid from the building outside the window, plainly trying to get assistance before falling, and she called the police.

Remi Lucidi: Who is He?

Remi Lucidi is a well-known social media personality and prominent content creator who has won the hearts of many with her distinctive style, charm, and motivational material. Remi, who was born and raised in California, started her digital adventure at an early age by utilizing the potential of social media platforms to truly and creatively express herself.

The Finding

At the scene of the event, the police discovered Mr. Remi Lucidi’s sports camera, which had recordings of extreme activities, and his French identification card. They found a 30-year-old man’s body nearby in a courtyard, but they were unable to identify him right away.

According to a source, “Preliminary investigation suggests that the victim was an avid sports enthusiast.”

Tracking His Final Minutes

According to reports, Mr. Remi Lucidi entered Tragunter Tower, which is located in Hong Kong’s posh Mid-Levels neighborhood, on Thursday at around 6 o’clock. He told the security officer he was meeting a friend on the 40th floor.

He is said to have been captured on camera leaving the 49th-floor lift and then seen walking up the stairs to the upper stories. An open door was discovered on the upper floor.

According to South China Morning Post, a housekeeper claimed to have witnessed him rapping on the penthouse’s window at around 7:30 PM.

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Remi Lucidi

Keeping in mind the Adventurer

On July 24, a few days before the terrible tragedy, Mr.Remi Lucidi uploaded a breathtaking photo to his Instagram account taken from a skyscraper in Times Square, Hong Kong.

According to reports, he entered a hostel in Hong Kong on July 17. He was described as a “friendly and polite person” who kept to himself yet was warm in conversation by the hostel’s owner, Gurjit Kaur.

He appeared well and upbeat, she added on Saturday. This makes me really sad.

Paying Respects

Remi Lucidi had previously uploaded images taken from the tops of towering structures in a number of cities, including Paris, Dubai, Thailand, and others. Fellow urban explorers paid tribute to him on his Instagram photos after learning of his passing.

No one ever wants to hear such awful news about a fellow adventurer, one person commented.

He was doing what he liked, another person remarked. He definitely made the most of his life. Few people can say that.

Tragunter 3 and Tragunter Towers

Tragunter 3 is one of the three towers that make up Tragunter Towers. Tragunter 3 had held the title of being the tallest residential skyscraper in the world until Trump World Tower in New York overtook it after completing construction in 2001.

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Remi Lucidi’s sudden death has created a vacuum in the urban exploration community. Those who knew him and even those who only admired him from afar were profoundly impacted by his love of adventure and extreme sports.

Let us remember this brave young guy for his adventurous spirit and the joy he offered to everyone around him as we grieve his passing. May he find peace in his soul


1. Who was Remi Lusidi, and what happened to him?

French explorer Remi Lusidi, 30, went by “Remi Enigma” on social media. He fatally fell from the 68th floor of Hong Kong’s Tragunter Tower, which is 721 feet tall, after banging on a penthouse’s window to ask for assistance.

2. What was the cause of Remi Lusidi’s accident?

Remi Lusidi is thought to have fallen by accident while doing an extreme sports stunt outside the penthouse window. He called for assistance, but before the police could arrive, he fell.

3. Where was Remi Lusidi’s body found, and how was he identified?

The Tragunter Tower is close to the courtyard where Remi Lusidi’s body was found. His sports camera, which had recordings of extreme sports, and his French ID card, both of which were found at the scene, allowed for his identification.

4. When and where did Remi Lusidi check into a hostel?

Just a few days prior to the fatal event, on July 17, Remi Lusidi booked into a hostel in Hong Kong.

5. How did people pay tribute to Remi Lusidi after his passing?

On Remi Lusidi’s Instagram posts, admirers and fellow urban explorers paid tribute, offering condolences and recalling his spirit of adventure.

6. What was Remi Lusidi’s last post on Instagram?

On July 24, Remi Lusidi posted his final image to Instagram, which was a breathtaking image taken from a skyscraper in Hong Kong’s Times Square.

7. What did the hostel owner say about Remi Lusidi?

Remi Lusidi was described by the hostel’s proprietor, Gurjit Kaur, as a “friendly and polite person” who kept to himself yet was pleasant in conversation.

8. Which tower did Remi Lusidi fall from, and how tall was it?

Remi Lusidi plunged to his death from Hong Kong’s Tragunter Tower’s 68th floor, which is located at a height of 721 feet (219 meters).

9. What did Remi Lusidi’s sports camera reveal about his activities?

Remi Lusidi was a thrill-seeker, as seen by the footage of extreme sports and adventurous activities on his sports camera.

10. What other tall buildings did Remi Lusidi explore and share pictures of on social media?

Remi Lusidi had previously published images displaying his interest for urban exploration taken from the tops of different big buildings, including those in Paris, Dubai, Thailand, and other places.

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