FIFA Suspends Spain President Luis Rubiales at least for 90 days

Luis Rubiales, president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation, has been provisionally suspended by FIFA for at least 90 days after he refused to resign after hugging Jennifer Hermoso, a Spanish footballer, after Spain’s World Cup victory.

Luis Rubiales

The ban is in place right away while FIFA’s disciplinary proceedings against Rubiales are ongoing. It prohibits Rubiales from taking part in any national or international football-related activity.

FIFA acted after threatening Hermoso with legal action for declining to accept Rubiales’ account of the kiss. The RFEF charged Hermoso with lying about the claims in a different statement released on Saturday.

Introduction Luis Rubiales

However, by Saturday night, that article had been taken down from the federation’s website.

Hermoso remarked on Friday, “I want to underline that I did not enjoy what transpired. “What happened was sexist, impulsive, inappropriate, and non-consensual. I felt vulnerable and was the victim of an assault.”

FIFA likewise demanded that no contact be made between Rubiales and Hermoso or anybody associated with her, as well as that no RFEF representatives or staff members approach Hermoso.

FIFA issued a statement saying that it “reiterates its unwavering commitment to respect the integrity of all persons” and that it “condemns with the utmost vigor any behavior to the contrary.”

What did Luis Rubiales just say?

Luis Rubiales has resisted pressure to resign as president, insisting that the kiss was consensual and attempting to defend his conduct.

“After the best management in Spanish football history, do you think this [incident] is that serious that I should leave?” Added Rubiales. “Let me be clear: I won’t be quitting. I won’t be stepping down. I won’t be stepping down.

The Spanish federation announced that Vice President Pedro Rocha will take over as interim president and claimed Rubiales “has complete trust in the FIFA’s procedures and will use this opportunity to start his defense so that the truth is known and he is proven innocent.”

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World Cup winners won’t take the pitch until Luis Rubiales is gone.

In a statement released on Friday, the national team said that they would not play once again unless Luis Rubiales was fired. All 23 members of the World Cup team and more than 50 more female soccer players signed the statement.

The union added that Luis Rubiales’ acts “should never go unpunished,” saying, “My union, FUTPRO, in coordination with my agency, TMJ, are taking care of defending my interests and acting as the interlocutors on this matter.”

Response in Spain

Luis Rubiales’ football career may have come to an end, according to Beatriz Lvarez, the president of Spain’s women’s league, who spoke with The Associated Press.

“Luis Rubiales is done. With his words and deeds, he has dug his own grave, Lázarez claimed. “Luis Rubiales won’t hold the position of president of the Spanish federation for another second, whether it is due to FIFA’s or the Spanish government’s action,”

The Spanish government filed a lawsuit on Friday, accusing Rubiales of violating the nation’s sports regulations on two counts: for alleged abuse of authority and for allegedly engaging in actions that degraded the honor and decorum of a sporting event. Rubiales might be declared unfit for office if found guilty.

Luis Rubiales

Personal Information

Luis Manuel Rubiales Béjar, a former professional defender who appeared in 53 La Liga games over three seasons, is a Spanish football official. He was born on August 23, 1977. He serves as vice president of UEFA and as president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF).

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Early life

Luis Manuel Rubiales Lopez, a primary school teacher, and Angeles Béjar, a hairdresser, welcomed Rubiales into the world in Las Palmas, Canary Islands. He was raised in the Granada Province’s Motril.

Career as a Player

Luis Rubiales played for Guadix CF, RCD Mallorca B, UE Lleida, Xerez CD, Levante UD, and Alicante CF throughout most of his playing career. On August 29, 2004, he entered a 1-1 away tie against Real Sociedad to make his debut in Spain’s top division

Luis Rubiales signed a one-year contract with Scottish Premier League team Hamilton Academical, it was revealed on August 4, 2009. But after just three league appearances, he departed the team and went back to Spain.

Women’s World Cup incident in 2023

In August 2023, during the award ceremony for the Women’s World Cup, Rubiales kissed Spain’s player Jennifer Hermoso on the lips. Hermoso afterward stated on her Instagram livestream that she did not like the kiss. He reportedly wrapped his arm around her in the changing area and announced, “There, we will celebrate the wedding of Jenni and Luis Rubiales,” which will take place in Ibiza.

When Queen Letizia and her 16-year-old daughter Infanta Sofa were in the authorities’ box earlier, Rubiales was seen grasping his crotch. As a result of his celebrations, Rubiales received harsh criticism from many people, including American football player Megan Rapinoe. Pedro Sánchez, the prime minister of Spain, also demanded his resignation. Rubiales expressed regret for his behaviour and said that his celebrations were

The AFE declared in writing that Rubiales must retire immediately or else they will demand that the Sports Law be used against him. He reportedly pleaded with Hermoso to join him in an apologetic video, while Jorge Vilda repeatedly implored Hermoso’s family to come out in favor of Rubiales, according to Grupo Vocento’s Relevo. A false allegation that Hermoso approved of Rubiales’ actions was also conveyed to EFE by the RFEF. Hermoso requested the RFEF to uphold player rights and take admirable actions through her players’ union, Futpro, without specifically addressing Rubiales.

FAQs for Luis Rubailes

1. Why was Rubiales suspended?

FIFA suspended Spanish soccer federation president Luis Rubiales from office on Saturday while its disciplinary committee investigated his conduct at the Women’s World Cup final, which included kissing a player without her consent.

2. Who did the Spanish coach kiss?

After kissing Jenni Hermoso on the lips during the Women’s World Cup, FIFA suspended Luis Rubiales as head of Spain’s football federation on Saturday. Several members of Spain’s coaching staff also submitted their resignations.

3. Did Hermoso lift Rubiales?

The second portion of her claim is highlighted in the RFEF statement, which also contains several images, according to which Hermoso is seen lifting Rubiales off the ground.

4. What did Rubiales say?

According to Rubiales, the kiss just happened. Defending his conduct vehemently, the besieged president stated on Friday: “Everyone present – even some of my family, my daughters – the desire that could have been there in that kiss is precisely the same as could have been as giving a kiss to one of my daughters.

5. Did Rubiales kiss?

Following his uninvited kiss of Jenni Hermoso after the Women’s World Cup final, FIFA has temporarily barred Luis Rubiales, the president of the Spanish Football Federation (RFEF), from any football-related activity for 90 days.

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